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1. Tell us something about yourself. Like your name, where you’re from etc.
I am Richard Chan from Singapore. Besides card making, I also make handmade tags and bookmarks. Card making is still my favourite.

2. Do/Did you have any pet?
I used to have a dog many years ago during my school days and ever since, she has passed away, my family does not keep any pets anymore. At present, my wife has a black cat at her mother’s home. We pay him a visit every weekend.


3. How did you get into crafting? What’s the first thing you made?
I have started crafting since my primary school days. I make cards and send them to friends and relatives on their birthdays and during festive seasons such as Chinese New Year and Christmas. It is through these years of practicing, my skills have evolved to the present standard that you can see on my cards.
I can’t remember the first thing that I have made. During my primary school days, we have art classes where we will do drawing, painting, stamping, clay making, cross stitching, etc.

4. Do you have any formal training?
No, I do not have any formal training. I keep on experimenting with any interesting materials that I can find and used them on my cards.

5. What are your favorite materials?
My favourite materials are mainly patterned paper, ribbon, sticker and corrugated paper. I like ribbons a lot as it make a card more lively and sweet while patterned papers can make the card more interesting. I also used corrugated paper as it helps to create a layered/3D look for the cards and stickers helps to give a final touch to my cards.

6. Where do you get your inspiration from?
I get my inspirations from viewing cute and lovely things that I can find whenever I browse through shops, magazines or anything along the streets. I like colourful things and hence, I always try to make my cards look bright, colourful, sweet and lovely. I do flip through scrapbook and card making magazines now and then to see what is hip for the season.

7. Is crafting your full-time job? If not, what’s your day job?
Crafting is my hobby and my day job is working as a Facilities Engineer in a manufacturing plant where I manage infrastructure upgrading projects such as building cleanrooms and setting up production lines.

8. Do you have any other hobbies apart from crafting?
My other hobbies are the usual stuff that most Singaporeans are doing such as watching movies, listening to songs, jogging, swimming and surfing the internet.

9. What is the best thing about having your own business?
The best thing is that I am doing something that I like and at my own pace. It also gives me a sense of satisfaction when I get to know that people from other parts of the world like my creations.

10. Any advice for someone who’s going to start his/her own business?
Believe in yourself that you can do it and start trying it out. Experience the whole process, learn from it and keep on improving till you see results. Read more related forums and look for ways that can help you in your crafting business. It may be a tedious process but it will turn out worthwhile after all.


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